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[movies]Underwater Photography - Franklin Institute
Details the work of John Fenjohn, who invented a series of cameras for use in the underwater world. Film features footage of the Underwater Demolition Teams (UDTs), now known as the SEALs, conducting operations off of the submarine USS Quillback (SS-424). Also shows various developments in diving, including the use of the miniature depth gauge, SCUBA apparatus, and submarine air lock. Hosted by Commander Francis Douglas Fane, a former UDT...
Keywords: Educational film
Downloads: 594
[movies]USS Nautilus General Dynamics - General Dynamics
Shows the launch and initial operations of the world's first nuclear powered submarine, the USS Nautilus SSN-571. President Harry S. Truman attends the launch ceremony. Hyman Rickover, the father of the nuclear submarine fleet, is also visible. Also featured is footage of the launch of USS Seawolf SSN-575 at the General Dynamics shipyard. This submarine used a sodium cooled reactor, which was not a successful design...
Keywords: Educational film
Downloads: 305
[movies]Coast Guard On Foreign Shores - U.S. Coast Guard
The Coast Guard played an important role in the Allied victory in WWII. Coast Guardsmen manned nearly every type of support vessel for the Navy, and went into harm's way not only in the battle against the U-boats, but at every amphibious landing from North Africa to Sicily, Italy to D-Day, Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Luzon, Okinawa and Iwo Jima. This film shows the role of the Coast Guard, and features terrific footage of many of the battles in which USCG ships and men participated...
Keywords: Coast Guard educational film
Downloads: 523
[movies]Our Totem is the Raven
Educational film.
Keywords: native americans; educational film
Downloads: 4,855 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[movies]USCG Convoy WWII - U.S. Coast Guard
Made during WWII, this color film shows the men of the Coast Guard in operation in the Atlantic. Guardsmen man and command various support vessels and transports. Their cutters serve as Navy warships. Anti-submarine patrol is an important duty, and we see PBY flying boats, cutters and destroyers fending off enemy subs. As a seaborne invasion nears, USCG personnel and the men of the Merchant Marine rush men and supplies to the beach in LCIs and LSTs...
Keywords: Coast Guard educational film
Downloads: 1,719
[movies]Sealab II Man in the Sea - U.S. Navy
Recounts the 1966 SeaLab II effort, involving ten aquanots who lived in a chamber beneath the sea, under seven atmospheres of pressure. The most famous of the aquanots was Scott Carpenter, who was also one of the original seven Project Mercury astronauts. Includes footage of diving bell, SeaLab I, SeaLab II, crew transfer vehicle, trained dolphins, and practice sessions to recover downed aircraft, sunken submarines and atomic bombs and other weapons.
Keywords: U.S. Navy educational film
Downloads: 404
[movies]Seapower in the Pacific - U.S. Navy
The Pacific Campaign is recounted in this post-WWII film. Beginning with the Japanese invasion of the China, the film rapidly shows the U.S. entry to the war at Pearl Harbor, and the battles that followed from Guadalcanal to the Phillipines, Marianas, Iwo Jima and Okinawa, and culminating with the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by B-29s flying from island bases.
Keywords: U.S. Navy educational film
Downloads: 708
[movies]Submarine Trunk Procedures - U.S. Navy
Shot at the Naval Amphibious School in Coronado, California, this film shows the procedures used by SCUBA divers to exit and enter a submarine through the airlock. The film also features extremely rare footage of the special operations submarine USS Grayback (SSG-574 / LPSS-574) which carried miniature submarines (known as SDVs or Swimmer Delivery Vehicles) in its hangar that could be used by U.S. Navy SEALs for special operations.
Keywords: U.S. Navy educational film
Downloads: 725
[movies]USS Nautilus: Operation Sunshine - Sperry Autonetics
Shows the 1958 voyage of the world's first nuclear powered submarine, the USS Nautilus (SSN-571) under the North Pole. This historic voyage, known as Operation Sunshine, heralded a new stage of the Cold War, in which Soviet and American submarines would vie for control of the strategically critical polar regions. Produced by Sperry Autonetics, whose top secret inertial guidance system allowed Nautilus to make the voyage.
Keywords: U.S. Navy educational film
Downloads: 475
[movies]The Fleet That Came to Stay - U.S. Navy
The Fleet That Came to Stay was produced by the US Navy in 1945, and details the aerial and naval battles that raged during the invasion of Okinawa. The Okinawa campaign was especially devastating for the U.S. Navy due to the use of kamikaze suicide planes by the Japanese. After being hit by two kamikaze planes, the USS Bunker Hill (CV-17) was severely damaged, and 346 of its crew were KIA.
Keywords: U.S. Navy educational film
Downloads: 340
[movies]The Rise of the Soviet Navy - U.S. Navy
Made by the U.S. Navy at the height of the Cold War, this informative film chronicles the history of the Soviet Navy from the Czarist era through WWI, the Revolution, WWII, and the Cold War. The film begins with shots of the helicopter aircraft carrier Moscow / Moskva on its maiden voyage in the Mediterranean Sea in 1968. The Kashin class guided-missile destroyers, the world's first major ships built with gas turbine propulsion, are also shown along with Soviet nuclear submarines...
Keywords: U.S. Navy educational film
Downloads: 929
[movies]Take Her Down - U.S. Navy
Features rare footage of the L class, Holland S class and K class submarines, as well as the U.S. Navy's first submarine the Holland. Features footage of the Atlantic Submarine Flotilla including USS L-11 (SS-51), USS L-10 (SS-50), USS L-4 (SS-43), S-19 (SS-124), K-2 (SS-33), K-4 (SS-35). Also features shots of GATO class boats USS Threadfin (SS-272), USS Trigger (SS-237) during World War II. The film shows the history of the Silent Service through 1954, including the Submarine Training School a...
Keywords: U.S. Navy educational film
Downloads: 823
[movies]41 for Freedom: Polaris Submarines - U.S. Government
Celebrates the launching of the nation's forty-one Polaris fleet ballistic missile submarines, the "41 for Freedom". These boats formed the nation's undersea nuclear deterrent throughout most of the Cold War. Features footage of USS Tunny (SS-282), USS Woodrow Wilson (SSBN-624), USS Lafayette (SSBN-616), USS Daniel Boone (SSBN-629), USS Mariano G. Vallejo (SSBN-658), USS Will Rogers (SSBN-659), and USS Nautilus (SSN-571)...
Keywords: U.S. Navy educational film
Downloads: 849
[movies]USS Aluminaut The Underseas Explorer - U.S. Government
Made by the Reynolds Aluminum Co, the Aluminaut was an experimental deep sea exploration submarine built in 1964. The Aluminaut is credited with rescuing the DSV Alvin-2 in 1969 after it sank, and helping to locate an atomic bomb lost off the coast of Palomares, Spain in 1966. Also featured in the film is footage of the NR-1, the Navy's nuclear powered research submarine, the bathyscaphe Trieste and Trieste II, and other vessels including the Perry Cubmarine...
Keywords: U.S. Navy educational film
Downloads: 675
[movies]Freedom of the Seas - U.S. Navy
While the Battle of the Atlantic that took place during WWII is well known, the struggle to get troops, man and supplies to Europe from the USA during World War I was also momentous. German U-boats took a frightening toll on American ships, and their brazen raids are in fact one of the key reasons America declared war on Germany and its allies. This film is a short portrait of the struggle, showing how lookouts, convoys, and new weapons such as the depth-charge-firing "Y gun" were used to sink U...
Keywords: U.S. Navy educational film
Downloads: 584
[movies]USS Triton: Beyond Magellan - General Dynamics
The USS Triton (SSRN-586) was one of the largest submarines of its era. Equipped with twin reactors, Triton circumnavigated the world underwater in 1960, under the command of famous submariner Edward L. Beach. This color film details life aboard Triton during that epochal trip, and shows its triumphant homecoming, including a visit from President Dwight Eisenhower. Triton was to be used as a radar picket submarine, but problems related to its design meant that it was eventually relegated to use ...
Keywords: U.S. Navy educational film
Downloads: 409
[movies]Submarine War Story Color version - U.S. Navy
This extraordinary color film traces the role of the submariners -- known as the Silent Service -- during World War II in the Pacific. The film begins with a short film-within-the-film featuring Japan's Fleet Admiral Nagano expressing his belief that American submarines crippled the Japanese Imperial Navy. The film goes on to show the construction and manning of fleet type submarines, and some of the astonishing campaigns they waged in the Pacific Theater...
Keywords: U.S. Navy educational film
Downloads: 9,510
[movies]Hook Down, Wheels Down - U.S. Navy
Produced in the early 1970s, "Hook Down, Wheels Down" was one of the most comprehensive (and expensive) films made by the U.S. Navy. It covers the history and development of the U.S. aircraft carrier, and does so through interviews with many of the men who made it happen. While dozens of aircraft carriers are featured, it is the USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67) that takes center stage -- and the material shot on her deck looks like it is right out of "Top Gun"...
Keywords: U.S. Navy educational film
Downloads: 3,463
[movies]Brought to Action - U.S. Navy
This U.S. Navy documentary depicts the sea battle at Leyte Gulf during the Allied landings at Mindoro in the Phillipines during World War II. During this battle, a small group of American escort carriers designated Taffy 3 engaged the Japanese fleet's main body, including the super battleship Yamato. That these lightly armed ships and their air crews managed to hold off Admiral Kurita's vanguard and prevent an assault on the vulnerable ships supporting the Allied ground invasion, remains one of ...
Keywords: U.S. Navy educational film
Downloads: 1,025
[movies]Undersea University - U.S. Navy
This tour of the U.S. Navy's submarine training school at New London, Connecticut includes a tour of the school's museum, a demonstration of their submarine simulator and even the submarine escape tower. Recruits are shown being trained in the latest techniques of undersea warfare and technology. Submarines featured include: USS Grouper (SS-214), USS Piper (SS-409), USS Irex (SS-482), and USS Benjamin Franklin (SSBN-640) a Polaris nuclear missile submarine.
Keywords: U.S. Navy educational film
Downloads: 526
[texts]Film Victoria Bill Second Reading Speech - The Honourable Norman Lacy MP
The Second Reading Speech of the Film Victoria Bill that created a new statutory authority to be responsible for all government activities related to the production and distribution of film in Victoria (Australia). The new organisation was established by amalgamating the Victorian Film Corporation, the State Film Centre and the Audio Visual Resources Branch of the Education Department. the speech was made in the Legislative Assembly of the Victorian Parliament on 6th October 1981.
Keywords: film; children's television; educational film
Downloads: 41
[movies]Missiles of the Navy - U.S. Navy
This U.S. Navy film traces the history of U.S. missile development up until 1958. It includes footage from World War II of the BAT, a small guided missile for anti-ship use. It also features footage of: the JB-1 Loon (a submarine-launched version of the German V-1 Buzz Bomb), the Terrier, the Talos, Polaris, Bullpup, the V-2 missile, the Regulus I, the Regulus II, and the Sidewinder. It also includes footage of the Naval Research Laboratory NRL, the Naval Missile Test Center at Point Mugu in Cal...
Keywords: U.S. Navy educational film
Downloads: 1,064
[movies]Characteristics of the Nuclear Submarine - U.S. Navy
Made at the height of the Cold War, this Navy film provides an overview of the Navy's strategic undersea capabilities, with a focus on nuclear deterrence. Features footage of the nuclear powered USS Sturgeon (SSN-637), USS Skate (SSN-578) surfacing at the North Pole, the USS Triton (SSRN-586) circumnavigating the world underwater, the USS Nautilus (SSN-571), the Sturgeon class USS Parche (SSN-683), USS Skipjack (SSN-585), and the diesel powered USS Albacore (AGSS-569), USS Mang (SS-385)...
Keywords: U.S. Navy educational film
Downloads: 1,163
[movies]USCG Alaska Patrol - U.S. Coast Guard
The sea lanes surrounding Alaska are the gateway to the Arctic Ocean, and of vital importance to the United States during the Cold War. In this film, the men of the Coast Guard cutter USCGC Klamath (WHEC-66) visit Alaskan waters, and perform various humanitarian missions among its Native American residents. Klamath also monitors the seas, servicing buoys and making certain the sea lanes are safe for transit...
Keywords: U.S. Coast Guard educational film
Downloads: 600
[movies]Coast Guard Ice Patrol - Affiliated Film Productons
Details the work of the U.S. Coast Guard in the international sea lanes of the Northern Pacific, where icebergs are a constant threat to passenger and cargo ships. USCG patrol vessels track ice formations, assisted by B-17 aircraft. Features footage of the famed liner Queen Mary and USCGC Mendota (WHEC-69), an Owasco class high endurance cutter. Mendota was scrapped in 1974.
Keywords: U.S. Coast Guard educational film
Downloads: 428
[movies]Coast Guard Rescue of Pan Am Stratocruiser - USCG
On October 16, 1956, a Pan Am Clipper aircraft en route from San Francisco to Honolulu, Hawaii -- the Sovereign of the Skies -- was forced to ditch in the Pacific. Fortunately for the passengers, the U.S. Coast Guard vessel Ponchartrain was close at hand. This incredible film shows the efforts of the airplane pilot and co-pilot, and Coast Guard captain and crewmen, to save the passengers after a ditching at sea...
Keywords: U.S. Coast Guard educational film
Downloads: 734
[movies]A Brother For Susan (16mm British Sex Ed Film) - Southalls (Birmingham) Ltd.
A British Sex Ed film about Susan, a young girl who's parents are expecting a son. The film uses this scenario to lecture Susan indirectly about everything from the proper behavior of a young girl, to lessons on reproductions, and the kind of behavior expected from her as the daughter to expectant parents, and as a future sibling to her brother. Lots of very sexist moments, and bad behavior by the Dad, such as making Susan do his chores.
Keywords: british; sex education; educational film; 16mm; ephemeral film
Downloads: 86
[movies]All About Fire (16mm/Fire Safety Educational Film) - Farmhouse Films
This is a film called All About Fire, an animated safety film distributed in the 1980's by Pyramid Films. It features Murphy the cat, who comments disparagingly on his owners' moronic mishaps as regards fire safety. They collect burning cigarette butts after a party in paper bags, use coins to replace burnt electrical fuses in their breaker box, and leave open gas cans next to their heating unit with its open pilot light...
Keywords: fire safety; educational film; ephemeral film; safety film; 16mm; pyramid films; animation
Downloads: 17
[movies]Boys Beware (Colorized Version) - Sid Davis
This is a special colorized version of the now-infamous 1961 educational film "Boys Beware". Boys Beware was created by educational filmmaker Sid Davis.
Keywords: Boys Beware; 1961; 1960s; Colorized Version; Color; Sid Davis; Educational Film; Boys Aware
Downloads: 2,533
[movies]Boys Aware - Sid Davis
Boys Aware is a 1973 remake of the 1961 educational film "Boys Beware". Both films use the same script, but feature different actors. Both films were created by educational filmmaker Sid Davis.
Keywords: Boys Aware; 1973; 1970s; Color; Sid Davis; Educational Film; Boys Beware
Downloads: 2,044
[movies]Funny or Die Video 6075: Adventure Into Caution - Funny or Die
In this day and age, it's important to be aware of the many dangers. This video attempts to help you to avoid the ol' Martian Timeslip.
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; In This Day and Age; billy; candy; educational film; hands; hitler; immigrants; propaganda; wash
[movies]16mm Educational Film Footage Grab Bag - Various
This is a 30 minute compilation of educational film shots, previously compiled on reels for a found footage film. All the shots have their original sound. Some may be found online, some not. Everything from bike safety, to civil war re-enactments, to footage of roller coasters. Enjoy.
Keywords: 16mm; found footage; educational film; educational films; reel; miscellaneous; misc; random; various; bike safety; civil war; science; health; anatomy; amusement park
Downloads: 17
[movies]Funny or Die Video 6234: The Undead Terror! - Funny or Die
A 1950s government educational film designed to educate the public about the threat of the undead menace!
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; 1950; Communism; Gore; Government; Horror; Red; Terror; The Threat; The Undead; Timmy; Undead; Zombie; educational film; the public
Downloads: 1
[movies]Learning To Live (British Sex Ed/Social Guidance film for teens) [16mm/sound/ - Eothen Films, Britain
A British sex-ed film, which is directed at British Teenagers who are going through puberty (thus doubling as a social guidance film). The film is fraught with an extremely patriarchal, condescending narration, that spares neither young boys nor young girls. It equates "sexual promiscuity" (as in sex outside of marriage, and birth out of wedlock), with moral chaos. The film also has very narrow definition as to what the appropriate societal roles are for girls and boys: in future vocation, norma...
Keywords: sex ed; sex education; 16mm film; educational film; educational films; britain; british; english; ephemeral films; ephemeral film; social guidance; heterosexual marriage; marriage; sexism
Downloads: 96
[audio]Cinema Terror Radio With The Cinema Phantom! - DuFoe Entertainment
Welcome to the underground cinema of The Cinema Phantom as he hosts classic horror movie trailers, educational films, PSA's, DVD reviews and original Old Time Radio episodes. This is a collection of 60 radio shows hosted by Timothy Hayes that aired on http://www.cultradioagogo.com as part of the Horror Host Radio Network - The HHRN! To hear more radio by Tim Hayes listen to him Saturdays on The Radio Time Machine...
Keywords: old time radio; horror; halloween; phantom; snack bar; trailer; theater; cinema; horror; psa; educational film; review; karloff; lugosi; price; host; TV; retro; nostalgia; movie; dvd; scary; review; monster; gore; sci-fi; drive-in; previews; educational; ghost; blood
Downloads: 706
[movies]8th Orphan Film Symposium, afternoon presentations, April 14, 2012
Panel: "Community Youth Filmmaking" • Jay Schwartz (Secret Cinema) and • Louis Massiah (Swarthmore College; Scribe Video Center) introduce THE JUNGLE (1967, 12th and Oxford Street Film Makers); digitization audio restoratoin by The MediaPreserve Panel: "Popular Science" • Heather Heckman and Mark G. Cooper (U of South Carolina MIRC) Preprint Elements from the Roman Vishniac Film Collection and THE WORLDS OF DR...
Keywords: orphan film symposium; THE JUNGLE (1967); newsfilm; outtakes; Bill Birch; Harry Birch; Rufus Pasquale; Ghana; New York University; Louis Massiah; home movies; newsreels; NBC; popular science film; Roman Vishniac; microcinematography; educational film; Ghana Film Industry Corporation; Ghanafilm; HAMILE: THE TONGO HAMLET; Soviet cinema; W. E. B. Du Bois; University of South Carolina Moving Image Research Collections; The MediaPreserve; Colorlab; THE WORLDS OF DR. VISHNIAC; THE FLIGHT TO THOUSANDS OF SUNS
Downloads: 28
Documentare stiintifice facute de Institutul de Stiinte Moody. "Originalele" sunt cele in format windows media(WMV) si sunt obtinute prin ripuirea de casete video originale "VHS Rip". Transformate in format AVI cu Total Video Converter, au fost puse tot aici - fisierele cu denumirea de "cinepack". Cea mai buna calitate a acestor filme o au fisierele: MPEG2, apoi cele Windows Media (WMV), apoi cele Cinepack(AVI) si apoi h.264 (MP4)...
Keywords: Moody; Science; Videos; documentaires; creationism stiintific; creationismul; Dumnezeul creatiei; documentare stiintifice; institutul moody de stiinte; ale institutului moody de stiinte; scientific creationism; stiinta si religie; vs; moody institute of science; moody institute; institute of science; science; stiinta; City of Bees; a fish family; electric eel; Dust or Destiny; Carnivorous plants; experience with an eel; facts of faith; God of creation; God of the atom; hidden treasure; journey of life; living with the atom; of books and sloths; prior calm; red river of life; signposts aloft; the mystery of the three clocks; the professor and the Prophets; the ultimate adventure; time and eternity; voice of the deep; where the waters run; windows of the soul; wonder of our body; wonder of water; educational film
Downloads: 5,490 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
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